An alternative to syslog-ng


Looking to replace syslog-ng? Discover NXLog, an exceptional log collection solution and a superior syslog-ng alternative.

alternative to syslog ng
NXLog Enterprise Edition
  • Integrates with any SIEM

  • Outstanding log collection capabilities from Windows, Linux, macOS, and more

  • Fast, secure, and reliable

Compared to syslog-ng, NXLog collects logs from more input sources, in more formats, and ships to more output destinations. Check out the reasons we think our fast, feature-packed, and multi-platform log collection solution is superior.

Centralized remote management

Unlike with syslog-ng, you can mass deploy and configure NXLog agents with our centralized agent management platforms, Manager and Minder. We also offer managing your deployment with group policies or third-party applications. View metrics and update configurations across all or part of your NXLog agent infrastructure in an instant.

Native OS support and integrations

With native support for operating systems unsupported by syslog-ng (like macOS and BSD), we provide a truly cross-platform experience. Collect, enrich, and ship logs natively from Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as less common operating systems like AIX and Solaris. Get rid of bootstrapped support for Windows and macOS by using our fully-featured log collection agent. With our versatile integrations, existing log management workflows can be easily extended with NXLog.

Powerful, configurable, and scalable

NXLog is a powerful log collection agent with a small footprint. Using a simple configuration language, you can easily set up and deploy our agent in your enterprise environment. Ingest and output logs in BSD syslog, IETF syslog, JSON, XML, and many other formats to easily integrate with your SIEM or log storage solution. Whether enriching your logs with additional data or filtering unneeded logs out of your environment, NXLog scales to meet the demands of your organization.

Around for the long haul

With a 95% customer retention rate, our customers know NXLog is a company they can rely on. And where syslog-ng is a secondary focus for One Identity, NXLog Enterprise Edition is the heart of our company. We listen to your feature requests, with our developers releasing new software versions and bug fixes all throughout the year. Our documentation is up-to-date, extensive, and treated as part of the core product. Get help when you need it most with our technical support engineers.

Reliability and efficiency Compression and security ICS/SCADA support
  • A lightweight agent with a low memory footprint

  • Blazingly fast and scalable, with enterprise-grade EPS rate

  • Failover support, message buffering, and memory and disk-based queues

  • Encrypted data transfer with TLS/SSL

  • Compression over the wire to reduce network bandwidth

  • Protection of data at rest

  • Dedicated module for capturing network traffic

  • Specialized parsing for ICS protocols, including MODBUS, PROFINET, and BACNET

  • Supports top vendors such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Yokogawa

NXLog Ltd. develops multi-platform log collection tools that support many different log sources, formats, transports, and integrations. The tools help administrators collect, parse, and forward logs so they can more easily respond to security issues, investigate operational problems, and analyze event data. NXLog distributes the free and open source NXLog Community Edition and offers additional features and support with the NXLog Enterprise Edition.

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