At NXLog, our mission is to provide you with solutions to enable you to collect event data securely reliably efficiently
Every day new challenges and threats emerge to IT systems, and log management plays an important role in battling these. In order to detect potential security breaches, event data must be collected and forwarded to a central location where this can be stored, monitored and analyzed in real-time. In addition, regulatory compliance makes this a requirement in most industry sectors.
A wide variety of solutions are available for this purpose ranging from SIEM products running on premises to managed SOC services offered by security service providers. Unfortunately most of the solutions on the market today lack adequate log collection technology.
Many claim to be able to ingest any kind of data without providing the tools to collect and transfer the logs. Those that provide log collection tools are based on outdated syslog technology, are inefficient and hard to manage.
Supported data sources in most solutions are limited covering a subset of what would be essential to collect. Adding a new data source often requires vendor support with a hefty price tag attached while making sure that migrating away to another log management solution would be as if starting from scratch. Sound familiar?
Remember that your alerts, results of your analytics and reports are only as good as the data that is available to feed these systems. Log collection is the foundation to build your intelligence upon.
At NXLog our mission is to provide you with solutions to enable you collecting event data securely, reliably and efficiently. To avoid vendor lock-in, our agents can be integrated with most SIEM products available today and is also recommended by MSSPs small and large.
Our log collection technology allows harvesting event data on all major operating systems and can handle data sources that others cannot cope with giving you total insight into what's happening in your systems.
We are trusted by thousands of users and organizations across the globe and our software runs on more than a million devices. NXLog is a name known for its exclusive log collection capabilities and is chosen and trusted by network security experts and partners who also rely on our technology.