NXLog Community Edition version 2.11 Release Announcement

We have published an updated version of our NXLog Community Edition product. The release contains a few platform adjustments and bug fixes.

The product is available through our download pages and docker hub

The sources are published here


* 2021-01-06 2.11.2190
  An error causing systemctl stop to leave nxlog running has been fixed
  Build  error on initial build without documentation has been fixed
  om_file data loss on log rotation has been fixed
  om_udp hang on reconnect has been fixed
  Memory leak caused by oversize strings has been fixed
  Docker build has been added
  Debian 10 Buster build has been added
  CentOS/Redhat 8 build has been added
  Ubuntu 20.04 build has been added
  Debian Wheezy build has been dropped
  CentOS/Redhat 6 build has been dropped
  Ubuntu 14.04 build has been dropped

Learn more about the differences between NXLog Enterprise and NXLog Community Edition.

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