NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.0 is a high-performance platform-neutral log collection solution aimed at solving these tasks with a single tool.
In this 30-minute live webinar, Jesse will describe how NXLog Enterprise 5.0 can help you with
  • passive network monitoring and capture
  • reliable compressed and encrypted transport and storage
  • output network fail-over
Jesse will also address these features of NXLog Enterprise 5.0:
  • added network packet capture support
  • added data at rest protection
  • added failover support
  • improved feature to read and write compressed files
  • batch processing
  • added ID resolution for better readability of log events
  • event correlations on the edges
  • added IPv6 support
  • added FIFO collection for Linux and UNIX systems
Jesse Hulsey
Jesse Hulsey

Product Manager

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