Database logging with NXLog Enterprise Edition

NXLog Enterprise Edition is the industry-leading solution to database logging, regardless of whether you need to:

  • Read logs from a database
  • Write logs to a database
  • Collect database audit logs

Does your enterprise store logs in a database that you need to collect, transmit, or centralize elsewhere? NXLog Enterprise Edition works on over 100 operating systems (across WIndows, macOS, and Linux ecosystems), ensuring your entire organization can benefit.

When thinking about the final destination of logs, most people think about SIEM solutions. But, if you want to store your log data somewhere that doesn’t break the bank, databases are a great option. NXLog Enterprise Edition helps you store your logs to most common databases, including native integration with the Raijin database that’s specifically designed for your log data.

NXLog Enterprise Edition can also collect audit, operation, and security logs generated by a database, enabling you to track and gain visibility on how your records are used. Improve your database integrity and ensure your databases are secure from misuse or breaches.

Key features:

  • Seamlessly read logs from and write logs to databases
  • Collect and forward database alert logs and audit trails
  • Works on over 100 operating system versions
  • ODBC API integration
  • Convert database log records to different output formats, such as JSON and XML

Need a complete solution to consolidate and investigate all of your database logs?

Try out NXLog Enterprise Edition’s advanced log collection capabilities for free today.