Graylog Level Invalid [-1]

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Hi guys,


I need help about NXlog with graylog, on my 2008 server my nxlog send correctly log to my graylog server but i cant see lvl and facility off all logs :-(. like :

facility : Unknown and level Invalid [-1]

plz see my nxlog config :

 <Extension gelf>
Module xm_gelf
 <Extension syslog>
    Module    xm_syslog

<Input eventlog>
Module im_msvistalog
# this kinda works for me, put * to get everything
Query <QueryList>\
<Query Id="0">\
<Select Path='Application'>*[Application/Level=2][Application/Level=3][Application/Level=1]</Select>\
<Select Path='System'>*[system/Level=2][system/Level=3][system/Level=1]</Select>\
<Select Path='Security'>*</Select>\
<Select Path='Setup'>*</Select>\

<Output out>
    Module      om_udp
    Port           9000

<Route 1>
    Path        eventlog => out


btw i tried to use GELF out type but all messages in graylog was ���������������

hope u will help me