HTTP Headers in community edition?

#1 Jeffrey Brinkerhoff

I have a very small (Read - no budget) project that NXlog would be a perfect fit for. Parsing, reformatting, and moving logs from a third party app to our Splunk server. I have a config that is simple and would work perfectly - except I did not realize until today that the CE does not support HTTP headers. (I had been using the EE documentation apparently) I found this out via google search on this old thread:

Which was 4 years ago, and mentioned that HTTP header support is not in the CE yet. Are there any plans to add this? I seems like pretty basic HTTP functionality, even more so than HTTPS/SSL support (which must have been far more involved to implement). 

Without any idea on pricing at all on the EE (again, zero or close to it budget) and no “in between” edition, it seems like a shame that I cannot make this work with the CE.

Any ideas? An alternate way to get logs into Splunk using the CE would also work for me. Any help greatly appreciated!

#2 gahorvath


no there are no plans to add that functionality to NXLog Community Edition.

Perhaps Splunk's TCP ingestion could be useful?