Help for epoch time conversion

Hi, can anyone help me with the output of my nxlog.conf
I want to convert epoch time from my Bro logs;

Part of the logs:

1482865199.693051 FSYupp4bmRs8tT5Jyg 3 5A00020E4289E78C695848......
1482865200.300809 FmXyl22Uxsq1cudDd8 3 5A00020E4289E78C695848......
1482865200.203542 FAuSUU3X9pgdSJ2D2g 3 5A00020E4289E78C695848.......
1482865201.043722 F0KUdW3Nm5edyqPXLl 3 0CEAC9CAD430F24F334575.......

My current settings are

AskedJanuary 11, 2017 - 7:50am

Possible to read log file with new logs added to top of file?

I'm using NXLog to read log files and send to to Logstash. Normally this works fine, but I'm now trying to send logs from a file, where the new events gets added at the top of the file, not the bottom. Now it's not sending anything.

This is from my NXLog config.

AskedJuly 31, 2015 - 9:29am