Sending logs from macOS to Google Chronicle

Forward macOS logs to Google Chronicle

Seamlessly forward all macOS logs to Google Chronicle.

Collect all types of logs from any release of macOS running on any Mac hardware, including Macs equipped with Apple’s M1 Chip. Filter, normalize, and aggregate the collected logs from multiple Macs into a single Google Chronicle input stream.

Forward all your macOS logs to the Google Chronicle SIEM for further analysis

Key features provided by NXLog:

  • Collect Apple System Log (ASL) logs - legacy (pre-ULS)
  • Collect logs directly from the BSM auditing system
  • Collect logs from Apple’s Endpoint Security auditing system on MacOS 10.15 and later
  • Capture macOS events directly from the ULS logging facility, including Signpost events
  • Collect macOS kernel log messages
  • Filtering ULS events to reduce the number of EPS

Need a complete solution to consolidate and investigate all of your macOS logs?

Download and try NXLog Enterprise Edition to get advanced log collection capabilities.

NXLog Community Edition
NXLog Enterprise Edition
Collect macOS logs from files
Collect ULS logs
Collect macOS Endpoint Security logs
Collect ASL logs
Send logs directly to Chronicle Ingestion API
Dedicated module for Google Chronicle
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