I don't know way to compile my input module for Oracle - need some guidance for it. I guess autogen.sh (using autotools) is designated to generate makefiles etc and configure.

I made Makefile.am based on im_dbi version:

im_oci_LTLIBRARIES    = im_oci.la
im_oci_la_SOURCES    = im_oci.c im_oci.h
im_oci_la_CFLAGS    = -rdynamic -D_XOPEN_SOURCE -std=c99
im_oci_la_LDFLAGS    = -module -no-undefined -avoid-version -ldl
im_oci_la_LIBADD    = $(LIBOCI) $(LIBNX)
im_ocidir        = $(NX_MODULEDIR)/input

When I call configure or autogen.sh it gives error:

./configure: line 21597: syntax error: unexpected end of file

but last lines are:

21590: #echo ----------------------------------------------------------
21591: #echo Shared: ${BUILD_SHARED_LIBS}
21592: #echo ----------------------------------------------------------
21593: echo
21594: echo "${PACKAGE}-${NXLOG_VERSION_STRING} configured successfully"
21595: echo "type \`${MAKE-make}' and \`${MAKE-make} install'"
21596: echo
21597: echo

I don't see error here. I just placed my module in modules/input folder Should I generate some files with autotools?

AskedJune 11, 2015 - 3:31pm

Answer (1)

You probably made an error in configure.in

BTW, the Enterprise Edition already has im_oci.

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    I added module name in configure.in and makefile.in but it still was wrong. Finally, update autogen to latest version caused successed compilation.

    Unfortunately I cannot use enterprise version due to license restricions in my company.