Has anyone successfully send logs from NXLog to New Relic? I've tried using om_tcp, om_ssl, om_http to send syslogs to New Relic but I keep running into issues with NXLog.

For example: ERROR [om_http|out] SSL error, SSL_ERROR_SSL: retval -1, from, reason: sslv3 alert handshake failure

ERROR [om_http|out] [ssl.c:209/nx_ssl_error()] SSL error, SSL_ERROR_SSL: retval -1, from, ( reason: unsupported protocol, function: SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO, library: SSL routines )

I've tried both the TCP endpoint for syslogs and the headerless API log endpoint, and if I send a curl -X POST with some JSON data to the New Relic log endpoint, it works fine without any issues.

Any ideas?

AskedApril 28, 2022 - 10:56pm

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I was able to send logs to new relic with this configuration.

<Extension _json>
    Module xm_json

<Input in>  
    Module im_msvistalog
    ReadFromLast False
    SavePos      False
    Exec to_json();

<Output out>
    Module om_http
    URL                 https://log-api.newrelic.com/log/v1
    AddHeader           Api-Key: Your-API-Key
    HTTPSAllowUntrusted True

<Route 1>
    Path in => out

I hope this helps.