I want to use an automated method of deploying NXLog to specific machines. These machines have differing combinations of software installed that I want to monitor.

I want to deploy NXLog along with a standard configuration file that has all the potential sources of log files I want to monitor. On some machines, those files/directories may not exist. How will NXLog handle that? Will it ignore it gracefully?

I am trying to avoid having custom configs for each individual server, and instead use a generic config file that covers all of our potential configurations (IIS, Apache, NGINX, BIND, etc.)

AskedDecember 13, 2021 - 7:31pm

Answers (2)


You can use any number of im_file modules with all the files you want to monitor through different systems. If one file is not available at a machine, the agent will write a warning to it's own log about
the missing files, but won't send anything into it's output modules.

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