I want to use pattern matching on different streams, and have different patterndb xml file, like this ...

# Filter for system logs
<Processor client_filter>
Module pm_pattern
PatternFile /data/conf/patterndb.xml

# Filter for SEQ
<Processor seq_filter>
Module pm_pattern
PatternFile /data/conf/seq_pattern.xml

#Filter for RDS
<Processor rds_filter>
Module pm_pattern
PatternFile /data/conf/rds_pattern.xml

and call them like this...

<Route route2001>
Path client2001 => client_filter => client_to_sumo,judo-sumo-uat,client_master

<Route route2002>
Path client2002 => seq_filter => client_to_sumo,judo-sumo-uat,client_master


Is that possible? It doesn't seem to be working as I hoped.

AskedAugust 6, 2021 - 3:27am

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