I am trying to connect through SSL to ship logs but nxlog only attempts to connect through SSLv3, not TLS. Any way to force TLS 1.1 or 1.2 handshakes?

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AskedFebruary 24, 2015 - 1:56pm

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    same problem here. I'm trying to forward log events to logstash with the setup described in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26789903/using-nxlog-to-ship-logs-in-to-logstash-from-windows-using-om-ssl. However, the logstash log contains this error message: "OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: Client requested protocol SSLv3 not enabled or not supported". Following lines can be found in nxlog.log:

    2015-02-28 22:16:05 INFO connecting to localhost:5000
    2015-02-28 22:16:05 INFO successfully connected to localhost:5000
    2015-02-28 22:16:05 INFO remote socket was closed during SSL handshake
    2015-02-28 22:16:05 INFO reconnecting in 1 seconds

    Seems like SSLv3 has been disabled in recent Java versions due to the POODLE vulnerability. Hence, I wonder how to ship logs from nxlog with TLS 1.2?


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Unfortunately v2.8.1248 can only use SSLv3. Until the new release fixes this you can either reenable SSLv3 on the other end , i.e. edit java.security or download the NXLog EE trial.

This should be fixed in the latest release (nxlog-ce-2.9.1347)

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    Thanks. I hadn't seen it because it isn't included in the RPM changelog section and the source files have not been made available on your downloads section. Had no idea I would have to install before reading the changelog.

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    That's not included there because of the following RPM policy:

    The list of changes can be as long as is necessary, but keep in mind that this should be a list of changes for the RPM itself and not for the package. It’s considered bad form to include the ChangeLog of the actual program in the RPM ChangeLog.