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I'd like to know if I could access to windows log for a windows server 2003 without installing agent locally. I'd like to use only one nxlog on a central server (Linux Centos 7) and access to different server agentless.

Is it possible?

I see that an option is
Using the im_wmi input module that can pull eventlog data remotely over the WMI protocol.

Do you have a sample in order to implement this option?

Thank you

AskedSeptember 1, 2020 - 9:58am

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Buon giorno Franco,

Are you planning to use Community Edition or Enterprise Edition?

With EE you can collect Windows logs remotely without the need of installing agents on the sources.
Please check this section in the user guide:

121.39. Windows Event Collector (im_wseventing)


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    Buona sera Manuel

    thank you for link. I have a license of EE and I try to follow your guide, that it is details with different points.

    If I have a problem I write again here in another post. If I have a Windows 2012 server I could use the same guide or is there another guide?

    Thank you