I am trying out nxlog community edition in centos i am getting an error

Error : om_udp apr_socket_send failed;Connection refused

What could be the solution

AskedMay 24, 2018 - 8:47am

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    Most often, this is due to the receiving end not having the port opened that you chose in your <Output> directive or the service that uses that port is not started.

    • Which version of NXLog CE are you running?
    • What are you connecting to?
    • Any other relevant information.

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    I would say same as above. Something on receiving end not working out right.
    Check that the remote port is listening. telnet to the address and port is a solid first step. Netstat, etc to see if the port is open on the host.
    tcpdump or wireshark to make sure the traffic is flowing properly.
    That should be a solid place to start.

    Edit: doh! just realized it was UDP. so ignore the telnet part. :)

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