Hi everyone ! 

In our implementation of NxLog on our systems we are looking at some ways to centralize config management & deployement on all agents. As nxLog is integrated with some other software, we are looking at some automatic features like scripts or so to deploy new config on the agents all in a secure way. 

If anyone has any tips on how to do so, help would be greatly appraciated. We first thought to use NxLog manager but it doesn't really fit our need as it requires the administrator to actually do some handy work and they are really lazy to be honest ;-)

Thank you guys in advance if you can give us some tips :)


J. Denis

AskedDecember 16, 2016 - 10:50am

Answer (1)

The remote management capabilities in NXLog EE can be used to deploy the configuration remotely over SOAP/HTTPS even without NXLog Manager but it needs some scripting.

Another solution is to create an msi that contains the required files (nxlog.conf, certificates, etc) which you can deploy from group policy.  We have a set of scripts that can be used to create this msi for the NXLog Enterprise Edition. Reach out if you'd be interested in this approach. Note that this is windows only - if you have linux machines then you will have to take care of that some other way.

If none of the above are suitable you will need to use some kind of a configuration management tool that can do this then.