Hi all! Im new and would really appreciate any assistance/feedback on implementation... I'm trying to implement Audit Reduction in my environment which includes (4) Windows 7 boxes , (2) RHEL 7 boxes (SYSLOG) and (1) RHEL 6 box (SYSLOG)... We have all the logs writing to one of the Windows 7 workstations. The logs need to be manually pulled off and put in another location. This environment is replicated 7 times (7 systems with the same configuration with 7 appliances each) They ultimately get to a Dropbox that forwards them off to an ElasticSearch/Kibana instantiation....So 49~ devices/appliances reporting. I would like to know if the Community Edition would work or if I need to purchase Enterprise? Does NXlog need to be installed on each appliance? Thanks!

AskedMay 11, 2016 - 8:20pm

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