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There is already a more recent version 2.9.1347 available.

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    Tested on NXLOG-CE 2.9.1347. There also,this is occurring,when some log entries get created during intermittent network disconnection/disruption.

    ERROR fatal connection error, reconnection will not be attempted (statuscode: 731004); apr_sockaddr_info failed for _; The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found.

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    There was a similar issue with om_tcp and om_ssl in previous versions. Looks like om_http needs to be fixed as well. Thanks for providing the details.

In latest version 2.9.1347 also it stops sending log data on short network disconnection,Windows 7 OS restart also doesnot help.Seems Manual service restart is necessary.

Module om_http is being used in nxlog.conf here.

Assuming the project source code link is ok,not sure,but seems,this error message comes from om_http.c at:

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    If the source code being referred to is correct,then,in om_http.c

    In function:

    static void om_http_connect(nx_module_t *module)


    Network disconnection causes code to go to catch exception block,where,


    lines 426 to 437 try to set delay & double it (emulate increasing exponential delay) from 0 secs,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 seconds & stop at 1200 secs (20 mins) maximum.

    line 439 function:

    io_err_handler(module, &e); is called which writes in nxlog.log (as per line 354) and it stops sending logs,even though the nxlog.exe service keeps running.


    Also need to check the strange line 327 showing some polymorphism kind of function with block code NORETURN;