I have a client who wants to use Loggly with NXLOG using UNC Paths to shared servers instead of absolute paths but has hit a road block.

Instead of using something like this: C:\files\logs\mylog.txt

He wants to do something like this: \\computername\windowsshare\c$\mylog.txt

When he has the nxlog service set to Local System and points to an absolute path to a local file it works fine.

But when he changes the service to be running as a Domain User and then sets his UNC path in the config file he gets an access denied error.

He has demonstrated that that Domain User has access to the file by logging in as that user and then opening the path to the file.

FYI, he has found that putting \\ in the config file causes problems but using \\\ seems to work.



AskedAugust 22, 2015 - 12:33am

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