NXLog Community Edition version 3.0 Release Announcement

We have published an updated version of NXLog Community Edition.

The release contains new modules for collecting logs from Linux system journals and named pipes. It also lifts the 256 source limitation in Windows Event Log collection and fixes a security issue in the file output modules. In addition, many other modules received various updates.

This new release includes modules to support integration with the Perl programming language, allowing you to create your own input, output, or extension modules in Perl and run them in NXLog Community Edition. Python integration modules for Linux have also been included. Windows support for Python is planned to come in the next release.

NXLog Community Edition can now directly ship logs to the Raijin database via om_raijin. See here for more information about Raijin, the schemaless SQL database.

The product is available through our download pages and docker hub.

The sources are published here.


* 2021-12-13 3.0.2272
   [2985] fixed an error in om_file leading to a potential DoS reported in CVE-2020-35488
   [3503] fixed an error in exec_async causing a file handle leak on Windows
   [2655] updated Linux packages to use systemd units
   [2653] fixed build issues on recent OpenSUSE versions
   [2267] removed obsoleted pm_filter module
   [2278] added im_pipe module
   [3343] added support for quoted literal file names in the configuration
   [2769] updated xm_kvp to match NXLog Enterprise version 5's implementation
   [2270] added xm_grok module
   [2277] added im_systemd module
   [2271] updated im_tcp and om_tcp
   [2272] updated im_udp and om_udp
   [2269] added Perl language integration modules
   [2639] removed 256 source limitations from im_msvistalog
   [2268] added python language integration modules
   [2639] added Raijin output module - om_raijin

Learn more about the differences between NXLog Enterprise and NXLog Community Edition.

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