Community Edition - Failed to load module xm_python.dll

#1 hukel

Running nxlog-ce-3.1.2319 on Windows.

2023-01-19 08:12:46 ERROR Failed to load module from C:\xxxxx\nxlog\modules\extension\xm_python.dll, The specified module could not be found.  ; The specified module could not be found.

The NXLog Python DLL is on disk so I am wondering if this is complaining because I don't have the nxlog Python module  (which I don't see in pip).I looked around for some setup instructions but I don't see any extra setup steps required for Python (aside from writing the script).

Config:<Extension python>   Module      xm_python   PythonCode  "C:\xxx\NXLogDev\modules\"</Extension> 


import nxlog

def get_splunk_hec_format(event):   nxlog.log_warning('in get_splunk_hec_format()')

   for field in event.field_names():       nxlog.log_debug('Received field:' + field) 

#2 gahorvath Nxlog ✓ (Last updated )


do you have python installed on Windows?

That's a separate required step. It needs python 3.10, and Python executable MUST be in PATH.

The python install and configuration script below has been tested w/ NXLog Enterprise Edition. It will be included in the next revision of NXLog Enterprise Edition documentation, and I will try to squeeze it into the Community Edition docs as well.  


[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12


$baseuri="" + $ver $msifile="python-" + $ver +"-amd64.exe" Invoke-WebRequest -uri $baseuri/$msifile -OutFile $msifile

$sdotver=$ver -replace '([0-9]).([0-9]).([0-9]*)', '$1.$2' $sver=$sdotver -replace '.',''

$pydll='C:\Program Files\Python' + $sver + '\python' + $sver + '.dll' $nxpydll='C:\Program Files\nxlog\libpython' + $sdotver + '.dll'

& ./$msifile /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 CompileAll=1

DO { Start-Sleep -s 2 Write-Host -NoNewline . } until (Test-Path $pydll )

Write-Host Write-Host "Copying DLL: $pydll -> $nxpydll"

cp $pydll $nxpydll

Manual steps:

  1. Download Python version 3.10 (I checked the version on nxlog-ce 3.1)
  2. Execute the installation wizard and in the first step, choose Customize installation.
    1. Set “install for all users”
    2. Set “Add python to environment variables”
  3. Take note of the install location and click Install.
  4. When the installation is complete, open the Python installation folder.
  5. Copy the Python DLL, e.g., python310.dll, to the NXLog installation folder.
  6. Rename the file to libpython<major_version>.<minor_version>.dll. See the table below.
  7. Restart the NXLog service.

This is what the script above tries to do.

Let me know how it goes!