A Devo Endpoint Agent alternative

Discover a superior replacement for Devo Endpoint Agent

NXLog Enterprise Edition

  • Integrates with any SIEM including Solarwinds Loggly
  • Outstanding log collection capabilities from Windows, Linux, macOS, and more
  • Fast, secure, and reliable

NXLog offers a single, fully-featured log collection solution and is a perfect replacement for Devo Endpoint Agent.

Easily convert any log format to syslog

NXLog Enterprise Edition can process logs in any format, including CSV, JSON, and XML, and convert them to syslog. This is ideal for Devo since it ingests logs in syslog format. Moreover, you can filter and enrich your logs with NXLog before forwarding them to Devo. Processing logs at the source reduces unnecessary data, bandwidth, and operational costs.

Convert Any Log Format To Syslog Web

Devo’s recommended Windows event collection agent

Devo recommends NXLog for collecting Windows event logs and forwarding them to either the Devo relay or to Devo directly. Devo uses the box.win_nxlog special tag to identify Windows Event logs that are shipped to Devo using NXLog Enterprise Edition. With NXLog's native Windows modules you can easily collect, filter, and normalize your Windows events from all log sources, including Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) and files. In addition, it can receive events via Windows Event Forwarding (WEF).

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Send events securely and directly

You can securely transfer your log data to Devo using TLS encryption. Devo recommends NXLog Enterprise Edition for forwarding events directly and securely to their platform. Furthermore, NXLog supports compression and forwarding logs in batches, thereby reducing data volume over the wire and minimizing bandwidth usage.

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Avoid being vendor-locked

IT environments are continuously evolving. So what happens when you need to send logs to another platform or start using a different SIEM solution? Unlike Devo Endpoint Agent, NXLog Enterprise Edition is platform-independent. It can integrate with any SIEM and multicast logs in different formats. For example, you can forward logs to Devo while simultaneously archiving raw events to low-cost storage

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Reliability and efficiency

  • A lightweight agent with a low memory footprint
  • Blazingly fast and scalable, with enterprise-grade EPS rate
  • Failover support, message buffering, and memory and disk-based queues

Compression and security

  • Encrypted data transfer with TLS/SSL
  • Compression over the wire to reduce network bandwidth
  • Protection of data at rest

ICS/SCADA support

  • Dedicated module for capturing network traffic
  • Specialized parsing for ICS protocols, including MODBUS, PROFINET, and BACNET
  • Supports top vendors such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Yokogawa