Agentless log centralization and forwarding to Google Chronicle

Seamlessly consolidate your agentless log collection to Google Chronicle.

When collecting and centralizing your logs to your SIEM, it is paramount that you get all log sources. When installing a log collection agent, the process is relatively straightforward. Nevertheless, there are cases when installing an agent is not an option. Thus, you need a server to centralize your logs, a solution that can handle all your remote log sources, regardless of the technology, protocol, or vendor used.

Send all your logs to the Google Chronicle SIEM for further analysis.

Key features:

  • Consolidates logs from remote and local log sources
  • Support for agent-based and agentless log collection
  • Supports remote syslog log collection from hardware appliances and network devices
  • Remote Windows Log collection (WEF/WEC)
  • Automatic log formatting
  • Support for UDM formatted logs
  • Send logs directly to Chronicle Ingestion API

Need a solution to consolidate your remote log sources to Google Chronicle?

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