NXLog-CE Question

#1 greg.smith (Last updated )


This is not a installation question.

Using wget, as I have done for past 6 years was grab a NXLog-CE installation and install on my Linux core servers.   Yesterday 11/22/2022 I was unable to do this. I also noticed the Web Site has changed for downloading community versions and now  I need to make account. I'm assuming at this point,  Steps  needed  are install NXLog on any core servers I need to make account  on NXLog  site, Download the package needed. Transfer the NXLog package to  a closed environment that we have,  Upload NXLog package to a internal repo and distribute it as needed?  

 I'm also assuming this is a security procedure taken by NXLog?   If anyone could enlighten me on the new changes  that would be great.




#2 greg.smith

I found a work-around, but this  been much better for our internal repo.

wget https://gitlab.com/nxlog-public/nxlog-ce/-/archive/master/nxlog-ce-master.tar.gz
tar -xf nxlog-ce-master.tar.gz