Get ready for NXLog Platform

Centralized log management solution at the core of security monitoring

Your one-stop shop for all event sources offering ingestion for logs other solutions can hardly cope with


Active Directory

Log Collection

The world’s most versatile endpoint agent and log forwarder.

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Agent Management

Cloud-ready centralised agent management system for ultimate scalability

Big data

Data Storage

High-volume, fast and compressed storage in Raijin - specialized schemaless database


Log Search

Complete situational awareness, entire infrastructure visibility and insights with advanced dashboards and search

User Interface

Industrial systems

Additional ICS and SCADA log collection modules bring IT-OT convergence for Industrial Enterprises


Solution Packs

Lightning fast multi-platform “endpoint to SIEM” data integration pre-build configurations

Key benefits

Effortless setup, paving the way for seamless integration

Experience the power of native, time-saving, and cost-efficient SIEM integration with NXLog.

  • Solution Packs have redefined the game, making SIEM integration and meeting compliance requirements easier than ever before.
  • Say goodbye to the complexities and headaches of integration and embrace a streamlined process that saves you time, resources, and unnecessary expenses.
  • Get up and running in no time, ensuring your log management is in perfect sync with your SIEM solution.
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Integrated agent-management

Now we take scalability to an incredible new level.

  • With a staggering 5 million units shipped in recent years, we've mastered the art of log collection.
  • Experience a mind-blowing 60 times increase in number of agents manageable from a single interface compared to our previous agent management tool.
Agent Mode
Experience the might of Raijin-powered data storage

Raijin's schemaless SQL DB is a part of NXLog Platform.

  • With block-level compression on the fly, witness data storage efficiency reach new heights with an astonishing compression ratio of up to X7.
  • Hold on tight as Raijin effortlessly outperforms the competition, leaving another popular storage solution in the dust with up to an incredible 818% increase in performance, all without the need for indexes.
  • Elevate your data storage game to extraordinary levels with Raijin's efficiency.
Rajin Database Engine
IT-OT Convergence

At our core, we are committed to empowering enterprise customers to achieve unparalleled compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulations, safeguarding critical infrastructure across diverse sectors.

  • With our ICS/SCADA applicable modules and solution packs, we provide the ultimate shield, fortifying your organization against potential threats and ensuring the protection of vital systems.
  • Seamlessly bridging the gap between IT and OT, we enable the convergence that fuels your success in today's interconnected world.
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Maximize your potential with Smart Budgeting & Unmatched Visibility

Elevate your security operations to new heights of efficiency.

  • With our cutting-edge solution, reduce storage requirements, bandwidth consumption, and even slash your client's SIEM license costs by an incredible 25%.
  • Our clear pricing enables you to make informed decisions and take strategic actions that drive your success.

Financial Services

Pricing Plans


Experience freedom with our inclusive free plan, offering access to 40 comprehensive modules. Use that in your projects without any cost limitations.


Discover the perfect plan designed to meet most of business-critical log collection needs with suite of 64 features.


Unlock the ultimate log management solution with our premium plan, tailored for advanced use-cases and sophisticated SIEM users. Immerse yourself in an extensive range of 80 configurable features, delivering unparalleled capabilities for your organization's unique requirements.

  • Trusted
    More than 1000 customers
  • Flexible
    120+ configurable modules
  • Global
    Customers from 62 countries
  • Compatible
    100+ OS variations support

NXLog products in the hands of professionals

Get ready to revolutionize your log management experience with the trusted choice of over 1000 customers from 62 countries.

  • Our multi-platform agent boasts compatibility with 100+ OS versions and offers an impressive selection of over 120 configurable modules.
  • With our unrivaled expertise and industry-leading technology, we know exactly how to expertly manage logs from truly diverse infrastructure.

Leading security teams trust NXLog

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