NXLog - Raijin Ltd

Raijin develops database products suitable for ingesting and storing event log data. NXLog Enterprise Edition can be configured to send logs directly to Raijin Server using the Raijin (om_raijin) output module.

NXLog - Oracle Database Integration

Oracle Database is a leading database management system available both on-premises and as a cloud solution. NXLog can also integrate with Oracle Database itself and can be configured to read from and write to databases hosted on Oracle. 

NXLog - Docker Integration

Logs in Docker are written to the standard out and standard error streams and logging must be performed from outside the image.

Apache HTTP Server - NXLog Integration

Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat provide very comprehensive and flexible logging capabilities. NXLog can also be configured to send and receive log data from Apache NiFi.

NXLog - VMware

NXLog can be used to capture and process logs from VMware vCenter.

NXLog - MongoDB Integration

NXLog can be configured to collect data from a MongoDB database.

NXLog - Dell PowerVault MD Integration

DELL PowerVault MD logs can be sent to a remote Syslog and also using the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC).