NXLog - FireEye Integration

FireEye is an enterprise cybersecurity company that provides products and services, innovative security technologies, and nation-state-grade threat intelligence to protect against advanced cyber threats.

NXLog - Logpoint Integration

LogPoint is a security analytics company based in Denmark providing a SIEM solution to turn big-data into real-time insights.

NXLog - Securonix SIEM Integration

Securonix is a provider of Next-Gen SIEM and EUBA solutions and is redefining the next generation of cyber-threat detection using the power of machine learning and big data.

NXLog - IBM QRadar Integration

Collect and forward data to IBM Security QRadar SIEM and utilize their analytics, correlation rules, and dashboard features. See the IBM PartnerWorld Global Solutions page.

NXLog - Splunk Integration

NXLog is a Technology Alliance partner with Splunk. Integrate for use for Splunk products including Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.

NXLog - Elastic Integration

Use NXLog as the log collector for dashboards powered by Elasticsearch and Kibana.

NXLOG - AT&T Cybersecurity

AT&T Cybersecurity (before AlienVault) is a leading provider of SIEM products that include the Unified Security Management® (USM) platform which combines key security capabilities with expert threat intelligence.

NXLog - Loggly Integration

NXLog integrates with Solarwinds Loggly, a unified log analysis, and log monitoring solution.

NXLog - Graylog Integration

NXLog can be configured as a collector for Graylog.

NXLog can be configured as an agent for Azure Sentinel, collecting and forwarding logs to its Azure Log Analytics workspaces.

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s security information event management (SIEM). NXLog can be configured as an agent for Azure Sentinel, collecting and forwarding logs to its Azure Log Analytics workspaces.

NXLog - Google Chronicle

Google Chronicle is designed to collect and process log data. NXLog provides various ways to send logs to Chronicle.

NXLog - Rapid7 Insight IDR Integration

The Rapid7 Insight IDR intruder analytics solution supports NXLog Log Collection Suite as a third-party data integration partner.

NXLog - McAfee Integration

Part of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partner Directory. Centralize log collection for processing with the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager SIEM Suite.

NXLog - Micro Focus - Arcsight Enterprise Security Manager

Generate and parse data in the Common Event Format (CEF) used by ArcSight products including Enterprise Security Manager (ESM).

Send log data to Sumo Logic with NXLog

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based service that collects, manages, and analyzes log data. NXLog can be configured to send log data to Sumo Logic.

NXLog - Cyderes Integration

CYDERES is providing the world's first EMDR offering fueled by Chronicle. CYDERES recommends using NXLog Enterprise Edition installed on the primary Windows DNS servers in your environment.

NXLog - RSA NetWitness Integration

A Partner Product of choice with RSA NetWitness, NXLog is part of the RSA Ready Technology Partner network.