Most logging infrastructures mainly focus on SIEM analytics and correlations while log collection, log enrichment and log shipping end up taking a back seat. Meanwhile the adequacy of security operations is heavily dependent on the reliability and accuracy of available log messages. This uneven focus may result in unstructured or decentralized logging which in the long run can severely hinder information security, business continuity and regulatory compliance efforts. NXLog offers a solution to the most pressing challenges organizations face when it comes to central log collection and SIEM optimization.

Log Collection Challenges

The lack of a proper log collection solution can result in a number of difficulties

Decentralized infrastructure

Heterogenous and distributed environments with no transparency over where logs are coming from, where they should be headed or how they should be handled.

Conflicting data formats

Depending on the source, logs are written in a number of formats which is not necessarily optimal for the SIEM on the receiving end. This can result in conflict.

Performance issues

Log messages are produced and shipped in tremendous quantities. Without proper log collection in place crucial logs may be lost or the SIEM overflooded.

NXLog - Log Collection Solution

NXLog offers a solution to the most pressing log collection challenges

Central Log Collection Infrastructure

NXLog centrally manages log collection by acting as a bridge between log sources and destinations. NXLog can collect logs from all major Linux, Unix and windows sources and integratable with all market leading logging technologies. Check out our integration hub.

Data Enrichment and Formating

NXLog supports all major log formats including: BSD Syslog, IETF Syslog, Snare Agent format, Windows Event Log and JSON. NXLog can on the fly reformat and enrich log messages and distribute them to the right destination.

Performance Optimization

NXLog is designed for high performance on modern multi-core and multi-processor systems. It operates as a lightweight technology with minimal impact on the servers CPU and memory consumption. NXLog can run as agent-less, agent-based and as a cloud-source solution.

The Benefits of Using NXLog

NXLog provides a better log collection experience and environment

Simplified Log Collection

NXLog offers central management for all log collection within your infrastructure.

NXLog acting as a one stop shop when it comes to mass-deployment and overall infrastructure coverage.

Reliable and Accurate Data

NXLog is a highly secure, effective and reliable way to ensure the right logs are collected, enriched and shipped to the corresponding destination.

A more cost effective way compared to other alternatives on the market.

Log collection infrastructure with NXLog

NXLog offers seamless integration and acts as a bridge between log sources and SIEM systems
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NXLog integration with SIEMs and Log Analytics Solutions

Whether it is for threat hunting or threat intelligence, all these and more are improved with wider log collection coverage. Integrate NXLog agents with any SIEM and log management solution to enhance log data quality for better insights and analytics.
Collect and forward data to IBM Security QRadar SIEM and utilize their analytics, correlation rules and dashboard features. See the IBM PartnerWorld Global Solutions page.
A Partner Product of choice with RSA NetWitness, NXLog is part of the RSA Ready Technology Partner network. See the RSA Integrations page.
The Rapid7 Insight IDR intruder analytics solution supports NXLog Log Collection Suite as a third party data integration partner.
NXLog is a Technology Alliance partner with Splunk. Integrate for use for Splunk products including Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.
Part of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partner Directory. Centralize log collection for processing with the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager SIEM Suite.
Generate and parse data in the Common Event Format (CEF) used by ArcSight products including Enterprise Security Manager (ESM).
FireEye Threat Analytics Platform integration with NXLog allows to correlate indicators against FireEye Threat Intelligence.
Securonix is a provider of SIEM and EUBA solutions for cyber-threat detection. Part of the Securonix Fusion Partners Directory.
Use NXLog as the log collector for dashboards powered by Elasticsearch and Kibana.
NXLog can be configured as a collector for Graylog.