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Use the Community Forum if you have any questions regarding the use of the NXLog Community Edition. Note that this is a voluntary effort. Consider our Enterprise Support Services if you want to make sure your issues and questions are properly dealt with.
The NXLog Enterprise Edition Reference Manual comes bundled with the installers, you should be able to find it under /opt/nxsec/share/doc/nxlog on Linux and C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog\doc on Windows. The NXLog Community Edition Reference Manual is also installed locally.

NXLog User Guide

NXLog Community Edition Reference Manual

This chat room is hosted on an IRC server by freenode.net Feel free to ask and discuss issues related to NXLog. Don't ask to ask! Just ask. If there is no response, it might be possible that nobody is around.
Support tickets
Please create a ticket in our issue tracker if you think you found a bug or have other problems or feature requests. Note that this service is for customers who have purchased Enterprise Support.
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You can also email us at info@nxlog.org.