NXLog Containers were certified by Red Hat

Applications are getting more and more complex. The demand to develop them faster is ever-increasing. This puts stress on organizations’ processes, infrastructure, and the IT teams that support them.

Modern Container technology helps to alleviate issues faster across multiple environments. Linux containers are another evolutionary leap in how applications are developed, deployed, and managed. These containers are based on stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux images that have no adverse effects on your current IT infrastructure.

The partnership that we have built with Red Hat along with the certification of NXLog containerized solutions (NXLog Enterprise Edition container & NXLog Manager container) will help us deliver more trust, value, and flexibility to our existing and future NXLog users.

Containerized NXLog solutions can operate as a building block for better fault-tolerance in highly available systems. Our certified containers support application lifecycle management. Being able to build beta IT systems in the same Enterprise environment where they will be deployed is advantageous. The captured data is close to real-life scenarios and continuous upgrades are performed using A/B testing.

Does your organization follow certain compliance rules?

NXLog certified containers fit into any given compliance standard for stable software support, transmitting data from an underlying base image to any application.

Containers provide the technology needed for a modern approach to software development. When your business needs the ultimate portability across multiple environments, using containers might be the easiest decision you ever made.

Help your teams simplify, speed up, and orchestrate application development and deployment.

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