Hi, we use ODBC (im_odbc) to read some data from Oracle database and write them on a file. The polling interval is 15 mins. We noticed that when database service restarts, ODBC (im_odbc) do not restart automatically the connections. The only way I found to solve this problem is to stop and start nxlog service. Is there any parameter that force the nxlog to reconnect when existing connection is lost? Thanks

AskedJuly 12, 2022 - 3:59pm

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    Hello Sir,

    Would be nice to have nxlog.log and nxlog.conf shared with us.

    Please note that need to be redacted for privacy since the community forum is publicly available .


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    Hi Klevin, this is the configuration for im_odbc Moduel.

    <Input NETI>

    Module im_odbc

    ConnectionString DSN=NETI_PROD;Pwd=xxxxx;

    PollInterval 900;

    SQL select timestamp, OS_USERNAME as OSUSER, USERNAME as DBUSER, USERHOST as SRCCLIENT, ACTION_NAME, RETURNCODE from dba_audit_trail where username <> 'NXLOG_USER' and timestamp> (sysdate -1/96) and action in (100,101)


    and when db server was restarted we found the following error:

    2022-07-14 22:20:24 ERROR SQLExecDirect failed, HY000:2:3135:[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-03135: connection lost contact;Process ID: 15588;Session ID: 28 Serial number: 32436; (odbc error code: -1)

    The problem is that even after a long time the connection was not restarted. Thank you for your help.


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