Hi, seems there is a bug in im_msvistalog module in nxlog-ce-3.0.2272 for Windows.
After service has generated some output, stopping service sometimes give the message box "Broken pipe" and sometimes Nxlog write a malformed configcache.dat and following the start posts an ERROR failed to restore the saved position from bookmark xml (error:15008)"
Tested on Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2019

<Output out>
    Module      om_file
    File        '%LOGDIR%\Output'

<Input _im_eventlog>
    Module im_msvistalog
    SavePos TRUE

            <Query Id='1'>
                <Select Path='Security'>*</Select>

    # Query <QueryList>\
        # <Query Id='0'>\
            # <Select Path="Security">*</Select>\
        # </Query>\
    # </QueryList>

#<Output outNull>
#    Module      om_null

<Route RouteA>
    Path _im_eventlog => out

This issue make the module not worth to use because not saving the bookmark of the processed registry record, force it to generate same logs from start over each service restart.


AskedMay 3, 2022 - 2:49pm

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