Hello All,

I have an issue with sysmon logs. When they contain characters "è" like on word "système" nxlog convert it to "Syst�me".

Could you please tell me how I can resolve this issue ?

I've already tested the instructions bellow, but I always have an issue

<Extension charconv>
    Module              xm_charconv
    AutodetectCharsets  iso8859-1, utf-8, utf-16, utf-32

<Input input>
    Exec                convert_fields("auto", "utf-8");

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AskedFebruary 10, 2022 - 7:50pm

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  • Aymeric Nicholas's picture

    Hello, i have the same issue here. I guess that conversion [convert_fields("auto", "utf-8");] should be done in the wrong fromat ? is there a chance to correct issue by changing the conversion rule ?

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