My applications are running in windows server, one of the app log i wanted to parse to an another format, when i check nxlog has the feature.
I am new to nxlog, so thought to understand the working flow of nxlog. I didnt get any. I am getting the articles for windows event log parsing,

Can someone help me how to parse that or can share any article regarding.

Thanks in advance.


AskedMay 5, 2021 - 7:53pm

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Hello Dhamodharan,

Great you want to try NXLog!

Please note, that in order to get any pointers - at least some details are necessary. For instance, what logs you want to collect and to which format you wish to convert them?

Best regards,

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    Hi Rafal,

    Thanks for your revert, sorry I missed to update those details.

    I have text logs generating from an application, those text logs i wanted to convert to json format.


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    Hi Dhamodharan,

    I assume byt text logs you mean just files. You may want to check the im_file module, which allows using file content as input. For converting to JSON, you may want to check the xm_json module, that brings JSON capabilities to a log workflow. Please not, that the CE options here are a bit limited to those present in NXLog Enterprise Edition - you can check what's inside xm_json module of NXLog Enterprise Edition.

    And I assume you want to ship those logs somewhere - where? Let me know, so I'd be able to point you the direction.

    Good luck,