I'm new to NXLog. I have inherited this from previous engineers no longer with my company. I have to update the server OS and wanted to know when updating the server, do I have to immediately update the NXLog software or will the previous software work? If I update the NXLog software, do I have to immediately deploy the newest version of the endpoint application in my environment?

I am also asking if there are any alerts I can configure on the server. We recently learned a connection was lost and want to ensure we are notified when this happens.

Thanks all!

AskedApril 5, 2021 - 10:14pm

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Which NXLog version do you currently use and on which OSes?

In case of keeping your infrastructure safe - I'd recommend checking NXLog Enterprise Editions, which has implemented several useful mechanisms - please, take a look at proper part of documentation..

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    Ubuntu 16.04, version 2.9. I understand the Enterprise Editions and am currently figuring out pricing. I just want to update CE first to then go to EE