We probably found a bug in nxlog-5.2.6388. We use om_http to transfer logs to the server. If there are some new logs in our log file, the nxlog on start connects to server, makes ssl handshake and sucessfully sends logs. BUT if there is no new log entry during the nxlog startup, the om_http connects to the server while NOT doing SSL handshake (only tcp handshake), after some time the web server closes the connection (sends FIN+ACK because it expects SSL handshake to occur during its timeout), after that the nxlog sends ACK and client hello. This seems to be very buggy behaviour as nxlog does not perform ssl handshake until the server tries to close the connection BUT ALWAYS tries to after the server initiates TCP closing. After adding some new line to the log file, the nxlog succefully connects to web server, makes ssl handshake and keeps the connection.
Could you confirm the bug?

AskedMarch 3, 2021 - 2:24am

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Thank you for the info, I've reported your findings to our developers.
We may contact you on some point if we won't be able to reproduce the issue.

Thank you!

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    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    Our developers were able to reproduce your observations and the fix is in the pipeline. Most likely it's gonna be a part of release 5.4 of NXLog Enterprise Edition.

    Best regards,