I receive this error
ERROR [CORE|main] Failed to load module from C:\Program Files\nxlog\modules\extension\om_kafka.dll, The specified module could not be found. ; The specified module could not be found.

version nxlog-trial-5.2.6388_windows_x64

Any idea?
I have already reinstalled the nxlog server but same error

AskedFebruary 15, 2021 - 8:06pm

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    Panic Soft

    define INSTALLDIR C:\Program Files\nxlog

    #ModuleDir %INSTALLDIR%\modules
    #CacheDir %INSTALLDIR%\data
    #SpoolDir %INSTALLDIR%\data

    define CERTDIR %INSTALLDIR%\cert
    define CONFDIR %INSTALLDIR%\conf\nxlog.d

    # Note that these two lines define constants only; the log file location
    # is ultimately set by the `LogFile` directive (see below). The
    # `MYLOGFILE` define is also used to rotate the log file automatically
    # (see the `_fileop` block).
    define LOGDIR %INSTALLDIR%\data
    define MYLOGFILE %LOGDIR%\nxlog.log

    # If you are not using NXLog Manager, disable the `include` line
    # and enable LogLevel and LogFile.
    #include %CONFDIR%\*.conf

    LogLevel INFO
    LogFile %MYLOGFILE%

    <Extension cef>
    Module xm_cef

    <Extension kafka>
    Module om_kafka

    <Extension syslog>
    Module xm_syslog
    <Extension json>
    Module xm_json
    <Input from_eventlog>
    Module im_msvistalog
    <Query Id="0" Path="System">
    <Select Path="System">*[System[(Level=3 or Level=4 or Level=0) and (EventID=4647)]]</Select>

    <Output udp_output>
    Module om_udp
    Host 192.x.x.x:514
    Exec $tag = 'SOC';
    Exec $Message = to_cef(); to_syslog_bsd();

    <Input fim>
    Module im_fim
    File "C:\filesec\*"
    Exclude 'C:\Windows\Temp\'
    Recursive TRUE
    ScanInterval 3600
    <Input regmon>
    Module im_regmon
    RegValue 'HKLM\Software\Policies\*'
    ScanInterval 3600

    <Output file>
    Module om_file
    File 'C:\Windows\Temp\nxsrvLOG_STREAM.log'
    Exec $tag = 'SOC';
    Exec $Message = to_cef(); to_syslog_bsd();

    <Output to_kafka>
    Module om_kafka
    BrokerList 192.x.x.x:9092
    Topic topic_name
    <Route default>
    Path from_eventlog,fim,regmon => udp_output,to_kafka,file

    # This block rotates `%MYLOGFILE%` on a schedule. Note that if `LogFile`
    # is changed in managed.conf via NXLog Manager, rotation of the new
    # file should also be configured there.
    <Extension _fileop>
    Module xm_fileop

    # Check the size of our log file hourly, rotate if larger than 5MB
    Every 1 hour
    if ( file_exists('%MYLOGFILE%') and
    (file_size('%MYLOGFILE%') >= 5M) )
    file_cycle('%MYLOGFILE%', 8);

    # Rotate our log file every week on Sunday at midnight
    When @weekly
    Exec if file_exists('%MYLOGFILE%') file_cycle('%MYLOGFILE%', 8);

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    There's an error in your syntax.
    You don't need this part of config to call for om_kafka module and this is the one which produces the error:

    <Extension kafka>
    Module om_kafka

    Please try to remove it.

    Best regards, Arch

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    ok it worked! but I still receive this error is it important?
    2021-02-16 14:50:53 WARNING [om_kafka|to_kafka] rdkafka: [thrd:app]: No `bootstrap.servers` configured: client will not be able to connect to Kafka cluster

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    This one seems to be an issue on Kafka side as this isn't our internal error, instead it is what NXLog received from.
    This thread from SO could be helpful through I suppose it worth to ask somebody from the corresponding team: https://stackoverflow.com/a/60260899

    Best regards, Arch

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