I have been looking for a way of aggregating disparate logs and according to the Web NXLog is what I need.
I have installed NXLog Community Edition and that's it. It a running.
I had hoped for some form of web interface and from that a way of collecting log files.
But I cannot seem to find anything of such ilk.
I suspect I am missing something obvious, which is normal as I am partially sighted and tend to miss the obvious.
If anyone could please spare the time to start me going collecting and reading logs, I would be extremely grateful.

Ubuntu 18.04 VM
Many thanks and kind regards,


AskedJuly 29, 2020 - 7:49pm

Answer (1)


Right now NXLog CE and EE do not currently have a web interface. We have a management product for EE called NXLog Manager that does allow you to do some web GUI based configuration. You could request trial versions of Enterprise Edition, and manager to see how they operate.

For CE you will need to use the configuration files directly. It is an apache style syntax and you can find information on CE usage in our user guide. Here is the link to the configuration area of the guide which should give you some good information on getting started.



~Seth S.