On output Module (om_tcp or om_ssl), "Listen" directives allow to configure output as a server : it will listen for incomming connection.
On input Module (in_tcp or in_ssl), i don't find any "Connect" or "Listen->False" directives to configure input as a client...
Why is it possible for output and not for input ?

We have a lot of server on DMZ Network and they can't connect to LAN Network for security reason.

What is the best way to do this ?

Thanks in advance,
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AskedJuly 29, 2020 - 3:11pm

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Hi Julien,

I can only guess that it would be the most common way one wants to use it - input listens for incoming data.

Quite an easy workaround would be preparing a simple script or even calling curl to get data from the resource you'd like to connect and put it into some temporary file and next, process it using im_file, and forward it to the output of your choice.

Best, Rafal

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    Hi rafal,

    Thanks for your returns.

    I have an windows server in a DMZ zone. I would like to get eventlog source with nxlog and send it to my nxlog syslog server in LAN zone.

    Incoming connection from dmz to lan is forbidden. So i can't do a traditionnal forward output -> input. This is why i want to do that.

    So, if i understand, it's not possible with native nxlog functionnality ?

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    Some more info please.
    What kind of logs do you need to collect from those servers in the DMZ?
    What is the OS of both the machines in the DMZ and the collector?

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    In DMZ : Windows or CentOS
    Nxlog Syslog in Lan : CentOS

    Logs like LogFile of Reverse proxy, log of SMTP Exchange from eventLog or logfile from postfix relay...