I have file log, it has like 2000 lines, when i try to send it through HTTP POST, it is only receive half data. It start from the middle line.
Its start from the last 4 hour updated line/ row which the 1000+ rows/line. How to setup/ config the nxlog so it will start from the first line/ the whole file.
Please help me... below is my config nxlog :

<Extension multiline>
Module xm_multiline
FixedLineCount 32

<Extension multiline_action>
Module xm_multiline
FixedLineCount 32

<Input filein>
Module im_file

File "C:\\DataSend\\" + "data_1.log"
InputType multiline
SavePos TRUE
ReadFromLast TRUE
CloseWhenIdle TRUE
PollInterval 300

<Output http>
Module om_http
URL http://localhost/log-monitor/public/index.php/receive-log
#HTTPSAllowUntrusted TRUE

<Route filein_to_http>
Path filein => http

Thankyou in advance

AskedJuly 24, 2020 - 11:02am

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