I just installed nxlog, when i started i seen the below error in nxlog, how to create this file and all, can you please help me on this.

ERROR SSL error, failed to load ca cert from '/opt/nxlog/var/lib/nxlog/cert/agent-ca.pem', reason: No such file or directory, no such file, system lib

Thanks in advance.

AskedMay 17, 2020 - 5:38pm

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    Usually this means that there is no such file but with your config it could be much easier to find what goes wrong in your case.

    Regards, Arch

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    Thanks for the response, i am pasting my config file here please correct me if there are any errors.

    User nxlog
    Group nxlog
    Panic Soft

    # default values:
    # PidFile /opt/nxlog/var/run/nxlog/nxlog.pid
    # CacheDir /opt/nxlog/var/spool/nxlog
    # ModuleDir /opt/nxlog/lib/nxlog/modules
    # SpoolDir /opt/nxlog/var/spool/nxlog

    define CERTDIR /opt/nxlog/var/lib/nxlog/cert
    define CONFDIR /opt/nxlog/var/lib/nxlog

    # Note that these two lines define constants only; the log file location
    # is ultimately set by the `LogFile` directive (see below). The
    # `MYLOGFILE` define is also used to rotate the log file automatically
    # (see the `_fileop` block).
    define LOGDIR /opt/nxlog/var/log/nxlog
    define MYLOGFILE %LOGDIR%/nxlog.log

    # By default, `LogFile %MYLOGFILE%` is set in log4ensics.conf. This
    # allows the log file location to be modified via NXLog Manager. If you
    # are not using NXLog Manager, you can instead set `LogFile` below and
    # disable the `include` line.
    #LogFile %MYLOGFILE%
    include %CONFDIR%/log4ensics.conf

    <Extension _syslog>
    Module xm_syslog

    <Extension _json>
    Module xm_json

    <Extension fileop>
    Module xm_fileop

    <Input in>
    Module im_file
    File '/var/log/messages'
    Exec parse_syslog();

    <Output out>
    Module om_file
    Host 192.168.189.x
    Port 1514
    Exec $raw_event = to_json();

    <Route testing>
    Path in => out

    I need to send syslogs into another nxlog-manager server dashboard, i mentioned nxlog server Host IP, what port we should use for that and how we can see these syslogs messages into nxlog-manager dashboard in linux platform.

    My nxlog-manager server dashboard is working fine i logged into dashboard, but am not able to send these logs into dashboard, could you please help me on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Two important points:

    - to drop records like this you need to outcomment line which including log4ensics.conf file, it should help drop out this errors;
    - but this error should not mess with sending files through your route. Is there any other error records?

    Regards, Arch

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