Set according to the above site.
result,Unexpected service outage occurs.
I want you to tell me the measures.

AskedApril 23, 2020 - 3:10am

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    Thank you.

    Microsoft published ADV190023 with the following recommendations for settings:

    LDAP signing to Require Signing in group policy.
    Channel Binding Token (CBT) to 1 as a registry key or set the Domain controller:

    Performed the above settings to Active Directory.
    Restart service after setting to Active Directory.
    After restarting the Nxlog service,
    Nxlog Service will stop after about 2 hours.

    If the settings are returned and the service is restarted, it will operate normally.

    Are there any cases in the past?
    From current version(nxlog-ce-2.8.1248)
    Will Nxlog version be improved if it is updated?

    I want you to tell me.

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    As the NXLog CE is developed by the community there are no guarantees which part will be improved next or when. For regular updates, more features, and support please consider switching to NXLog EE.


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