Hey y'all.

Does anyone know where to find the GPG key used to sign the NXLog Enterprise Edition (trial) RPM packages?

Key ID 9354d2051da9e40e, or just 1da9e40e for short.

If someone at NXLog reads this, maybe this page would be a good site to link it from, if it's not immediately available in the download package.

I figured if I post this question here, maybe someone else will find it useful in the future. (Wisdom of the Ancients, and all that)

Thanks :)

AskedFebruary 4, 2020 - 12:35am

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Dear Nofox,

One of our colleagues from the customer support department just sent the key to your registered e-mail address.
Thanks for raising this, we are actually in the process of addressing the availability of the PGP key in our documentation (exactly where you suggested), however the current method is that we send it on request.

Kind Regards

Tamás Burtics
Technical Writer

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    Hi Tamás!

    I did get the email. Thanks.

    It saddens me that I shall leave this forum thread without an answer for other readers, but I appreciate that you're working on it :)

    If I may, I also suggest submitting the key to keys.openpgp.org and a server from the SKS pool.

    Thanks a lot! :)