There was an issue in nxlog CE 2.5 edition, when remote and local logging both are enabled and for some reason if remote logging is stopped,
both loggings are stopped, my understanding is that it has been fixed in latest edition, I would like to know exact versions in which it got fixed and does it fixed in CE or EE?

Error I am referring to in nxlog CE 2.5.1089 is as following:
ERROR om_udp apr_socket_send failed Connection refused

Please let me know if it is fixed in CE subsequent versions and if yes, can you please provide exact version in which it got fixed, that would help.

In case of query, please do let me know.


AskedJune 19, 2019 - 9:15am

Answer (1)

I opened the ChangeLog.txt in the source code package (nxlog-ce-2.10.2150.tar.gz) and found the following:

  • 2014-07-19 2.8.1248
    om_udp would stop sending messages in some cases after logging "apr_socket_send failed;Connection refused", e.g. when graylog2 was not accepting udp packets. It should properly resume now.

Hopefully this was what you were looking for.

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    Thanks for reply and pointing me to version in which issue got fixed, I am looking at changes made in 2.8.1248, I can see changes made in om_udp module in 2.8.1248.
    I would appreciate if anyone who has knowledge about remote logging fail issue present in nxlog v2.5 CE or less and confirm that it will fix in 2.8.1248 and only om_udp changes in 2.8.1248 are suffices purpose to address remote logging stop issue. My understanding is that errors "apr_socket_send failed;Connection refused" is root cause of remote logging stop and if udp errors described get fixed, it will fix remote logging issue, Please confirm.

    I have query on remote logging issue:
    >>There are lot of changes went in nxlog v2.8 from v2.5 and I want to address only remote logging gets stopped issue in v2.5, can anyone confirm, if om_udp module related changes from v2.8 are integrated in v2.5, will that fix remote logging and would not add any side effects to system, can someone who has knowledge on issue can confirm it, that would save my time to evaluate changes made in v2.8.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I doubt that anyone from the community would be wanting to confirm this for you. v2.5 is dated 2013-07-04 and 2.8.1248 was released 5 years ago.