Hi, Deu to we have multiple collector of GrayLog in multiple locations. I was thinking could I use if else to send log? for example:

<Output out_wineventlog>
  Module      om_udp
  EXEC   if      $location =~ /^(us)/\
                   $collector = 'collector.test.us';\
                   $collector = 'collector.test.eu';\
  Host        $collector
  Port        15001
  OutputType  GELF

I have tried many statement, but all failure. E.g. string($collector), "$collector", {$collector}, (EXEC $collector;)..etc.

I always got the following error. ERROR apr_sockaddr_info failed for [$GLogCollector]:15001; No such host is known.

If I config the 'collector.test.us' for Host of output, I can see the $collector is working.

AskedDecember 1, 2017 - 3:00am

Answer (1)

You can do this with filtering as follows:

<Output out_us>
  Module om_udp
  Exec $location !~ /^(us)/  drop();

<Output out_eu>
  Module om_udp
  Exec $location !~ /^(eu)/  drop();

<Route 66>
  in => out_us, out_eu

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    Hi b0ti, Thank you. It is working. I adjusted as the following