I am using om_http module to send windows eventlogs to AWS API Gateway for further processing. I kept HTTPSAllowUntrusted to True. But I keep getting <cloudfront_hostname>:443 connection failure reconnecting in ## seconds. I can POST data to the URI using curl just fine. I believe it is related to SNI support, which was also limiting other tools like wrk, ab, siege https://github.com/wg/wrk/issues/149 . 

Is there any workaround or fix to support SNI?



AskedJune 13, 2016 - 3:09am

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Have you tried om_ssl instead of om_http?

The om_ssl module provides an SSL/TLS transport that  behaves similarly to the om_tcp module, except that an SSL handshake is performed at connection time and the data is received over a secure channel.

SNI is not supported yet. We are working on adding this to the NXLog EE, it will be merged into the CE afterwards.

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    Shri assumes that this is probably an SNI problem, but he does not give enough information to be sure ourselves that this is actual an SNI related failure or just a configuration problem.

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    My conf looks like this

    <Output out>
        Module      om_http
        Url         https://<API ID>.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/stage/sqlserver_alerts
        ContentType application/json
        HTTPSAllowUntrusted    TRUE

    And in logs I see following:

    2016-06-13 17:25:07 INFO connecting to <API ID>.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com:443
    2016-06-13 17:25:07 INFO reconnecting in 1200 seconds
    2016-06-13 17:25:07 ERROR remote ssl socket was reset? (SSL_ERROR_SSL with errno=9); End of file found

    I checked other tools which had similar issue with AWS API Gateway and each one has similar resolution related to SNI. I dont know how I will be able to use om_ssl in this case either because nothing exist at <API ID>.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com:443. I get bad request error


    The request could not be satisfied.

    Bad request. 

    Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
    Request ID: tz_i8FHTo16Jmi1hlVNM5SZX57bXcCOEv9Jb6ARmNpeneeydYVwhMQ==