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This is a template to follow when writing a new landing page for nxlog/documentation. This content immediately following the title is the preamble. This first paragraph of the preamble is the lead paragraph and will be styled differently. It should be a concise introduction to the article. It is probably best to use only a single paragraph in the preamble.


Please be sure to read the nxlog/documention Style guide. It is primarily for the User Guide, but most of the details there apply to all NXLog documentation written and maintained in the Asciidoctor Asciidoc format.

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Log Sample
<14>Nov  5 13:20:39 NXLOG-AGENT Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing: A user account was changed.    Subject:  	Security ID:		S-1-5-21-732671712-4211550622-398236045-500  	Account Name:		USER  	Account Domain:		WORKSTATION-A  	Logon ID:		0x35079    Target Account:  	Security ID:		S-1-5-21-732671712-4211550622-398236045-501  	Account Name:		Guest  	Account Domain:		USER-DOMAIN    Changed Attributes:  	SAM Account Name:	-  	Display Name:		-  	User Principal Name:	-  	Home Directory:		-  	Home Drive:		-  	Script Path:		-  	Profile Path:		-  	User Workstations:	-  	Password Last Set:	-  	Account Expires:		-  	Primary Group ID:	-  	AllowedToDelegateTo:	-  	Old UAC Value:		-  	New UAC Value:		-  	User Account Control:	-  	User Parameters:	<value changed, but not displayed>  	SID History:		-  	Logon Hours:		-    Additional Information:  	Privileges:		-

NXLog Ltd. develops multi-platform log collection tools that support many different log sources, formats, transports, and integrations. The tools help administrators collect, parse, and forward logs so they can more easily respond to security issues, investigate operational problems, and analyze event data. NXLog distributes the free and open source NXLog Community Edition and offers additional features and support with the NXLog Enterprise Edition.

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