Oct 2019

October 2019 Newsletter

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Integration Page now Published

NXLog can be configured to collect events and forward them to ESM. This section provides information about setting up NXLog to forward events from several types of log sources.

Access the McAfee ESM SIEM Guide here.

Part of the McAfee SIA Network

NXLog is also a proud member of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partner Directory

White Paper: The Importance of DNS Logging in Enterprise Security

Attackers are using DNS for data theft, denial-of-service, and other malicious activity. Proactive monitoring of DNS activity can help network administrators quickly detect and respond to these threats.

There are many different DNS-related events that can be collected from a DNS server. The actual data available is dependent on the DNS server in use. Events that may be available for log collection include, but are not limited to; Dynamic updates, zone transfers, rate limiting, DNS signing, query logs, resolutions queries and more.

Want to learn more about DNS log collection? Read the rest of the white paper here - no registration needed.

Article: Converting and Forwarding Windows Event Log via Syslog for Log Collection

Log collection requires working with a number of different formats and protocols. Windows Event Log does not communicate with Unix-based Syslog out of the box due to architectural and design differences. However, converting Event Log data to Syslog can be very helpful for centralized log collection.

Read the article here.

Article: Agent-based versus agent-less log collection - which option is the best?

One of the harder decisions revolve around implementing agent-based vs agent-less log collection. This post covers the two methods - their advantages and disadvantages - and provides some quick and actionable implementation notes.

Read the article here.

NXLog Integrations Page now launched

The NXLog log collection suite is recognized and certified as solutions partner of choice across a number of major software platforms and technology companies. See our page for an overview and contact us if you are interested in becoming a Partner.

Top Social Media Chatter in September/October

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