• NXLog vs. Splunk Universal Forwarder
  • DNS log collection and parsing
  • Windows logging with NXLog Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Event Forwarding
  • Google Chronicle integration
  • Oracle database integration
  • NXLog failover
  • NXLog Community Edition vs. NXLog Enterprise Edition
  • Law Firms and In-House Legal Counsel
  • Collecting logs from Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
  • Browser History Logs Collection
  • NXLog vs. Snare
  • Microsoft Azure Event Hub Integration
  • Microsoft Azure Sentinel Integration
  • SIEM Optimization
  • MAC OS update
  • Logging Windows Powershell activities
  • im_pcap now supports parsing the IEC-61860 protocol
  • The http input and output modules can now do compression
  • The http input and output modules support NXLog's own binary format for structured log transmission
  • Added support for Apple Silicon M1 and macOS BigSur.
  • Improved the macOS Unified Logging System input module.
  • New output module called om_azure for sending data to Azure Log Analytics workspaces
  • Various improvements to observability in xm_admin
Minder is an API first, lightweight, high performance agent management solution for NXLog EE agents. Minder can export metrics to Prometheus/Grafana, and it implements a comprehensive set of management APIs. It comes with a command line tool, but no GUI at this time. It is in early beta development; your input will be used to steer further development of the product.
Raijin is a modern schemaless database engine with optimum flexibility. It extracts value from the inherent structure of log data and aims to be easy to integrate with external visualization and analysis tools. The Raijin Database engine was designed to work with high-volume log data. It supports semi-structured data and has been optimized for aggregation queries. Its server component accepts SQL queries over a secure REST API and can operate in cluster mode. Raijin databases can be used to aggregate security logs from diverse sources as well as providing a foundation for developing customized data analytics frameworks.
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